Deanna De Vestern

Deanna is best known for her role as young Jess/Tess on OLTL.  She  recently booked an episode of Mercy. Deanna has also booked numerous print ads and TV commercials


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Deanna DeVestern portrayed "Young Jessica" on One Life to Live. We only got a few episode's to see the talent she brought but we hope the future brings along lots more roles for her.

1.How was it filming Mercy with Ashley Gerasimovich?

It was really fun and exciting. Ashley was a "pip"! We had a great time. In between scenes we would rehearse our lines or chat and play. She made my time there very enjoyable and lots of fun.

2.What was your favorite part about filming Mercy?

My favorite part about filming "Mercy" was when I got picked up by my pretend dad "Patch". It was really funny

because every time he picked me and Ashley up, my microphone pack would fall out. The cast and crew were all so nice and friendly.

3.How did Deanna enjoy working with Bree Williamson?

Bree was wonderful to work with. She was sweet and caring. I loved our hugging scene. I enjoyed watching her and

learning from her. She is an amazing actress. Check us out on "You tube". Go to "You tube", then put

( jess tess intergration part 3 ) in the search box. Also see a music video on "You tube", type in the title

(Goodnight moon Jess Tess spooky).

4.How does Deanna enjoy working with different cast and crew?

I enjoy working with all the different people I meet. There are always a couple of cast and/or crew members that make it fun.

From time to time we run into some of the same crew members from other jobs. We get to share our experiences.

5.Has Deanna done anything before Mercy?

Before I did "Mercy" I played Young Jess/Tess on ABC's "One Life To Live". Then I did a couple small parts on "Guilding Light"

and "All My Children". I did Voice overs for "Wonder Pets", and Commercials for companies like "Lowes", "Burlington Coat Factory", "Vanguard", "Giant Supermarkets", "Carpet One", and "PJ Sparkles". I started out doing some modeling for all kinds of

companies like "Avon", "Merck", "Toys R Us", "K-Mart", "Target", and I even modeled in a "Mattel" Fashion Show.

6.How did Deanna prepare for the role of Young Jessica?

I was very excited to get the role. I just memorized my lines and did what the part called for. There was a couple times

when we would have rehearsals with the other actors before they filmed the scenes.

7. What does Deanna think about seeing herself on TV?

I think it's kind of cool. You never know how your going to look when the filming is all done. It always comes out so

different when they add music and you see all the different camera angles they use.

8. How did Deanna like being on a soap?

Being on a Soap was great. The cast and crew of "One Life to Live" were amazing. They were so nice and caring.

They made filming fun.

9. Has Deanna ever gotten the chance to work with her sister?

I have worked with my sister Dana a couple of times. There was one time when I was her "back-up" on a modeling job.

Another time I went to my sister's "Toys R Us" job just to watch, when they told me to get in the picture with her! Then we got jobs working for the same company. We are always amazed when we get to work together.

10. Is there anyone that Deanna would love to work with?

I would love to work with all the big stars like Ashley Tisdale, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove,

Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

We would like to Thank the DeVestern family for participating in our Holiday Q&A.